Asked and answered

Docker DevTools looks awesome. Who is it for?

I am a developer in multiple languages, all of the time. I am also pedantic about coding standards on all projects I work on.

Why Docker?

With a lot of experience over time, I am always trying to manage dependencies. Docker gives developers a way to isolate your environments to make sure that dependencies don’t bleed into each other.

What languages does it cover?

It covers widely used languages and frameworks:




What Does the Future Hold for Docker DevTools? What’s the plan?

I don’t really have a plan. I may look at other languages (Python, Ruby) or other standards. At the moment I am just trying to judge if it has any value.

I’m using an older version of Docker DevTools, how should I upgrade?

Just download a later version of your .docker-devtools.sh. You may need to occasionally update your local Docker containers.

Can I give you some money for this awesome work?

No. But do something else. Be kind to each other.