Docker DevTools

Docker DevTools is a set of Docker containers with an easy to use set of aliases to make using Dev tools easier and simpler

Get it fast!
git clone ~/.docker-devtools

How do you manage your dependencies?

Docker DevTools comes straight out of a need for more dependencies, more tools and more control. If you have been around web development for the past 15 years, you will have seen an explosion of different tools, frameworks and practices. Most make your projects better, however, they come with extra complexity. Docker DevTools attempts to simplify some of these dependencies. Using Docker!

Even if you are making simple applications, the chances are you are using multiple coding standards. PHP Coding standards for WordPress, Drupal, Yii, CakePHP or plain PHP in PSR2. Javascript coding standards with ESLint Standard of AirBnb and CSS coding standards with Stylelint. All of these require configuration and installation. By using Docker to run these tools in separate environments, you can make linting and fixing your code simpler, without bloating your local machine with hundreds of dependencies.

Follow the quick start to get up and running. You could use this as part of your local pipeline for producing the best code all of the time!


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